Thermography Technology Makes Our Daily Life More Easy

It is hard to imagine a modern kitchen without a microwave oven. The device is extremely popular. However, existing heating mode is not perfect.

It is difficult to guess whether the food has reached the desired temperature. All products are different, determine the degree of readiness – that has the problem.


Inventor Marc Robert, a former engineer NASA, has found the perfect solution. He has equipped kitchen “gadget” imager.

That modification with Infrared lens enables you to quickly understand – literally “by eye” – it’s time to get a meal or not. According to the degree of “glow” result – a dish can be removed at the right time. Not cold and not singed. Developer device called Heat Map Microwave. The furnace is functioning perfectly, and is going to come cheap, widely available components. In the future, the author plans to add sync with your smartphone (the owner controlled microwave remotely, without detracting from the other cases).

Alas, buy a miracle of technical thought impossible. This is a prototype. It is possible that media interest will inspire creator at the start of the campaign on Kickstarter (to raise funds for mass production).