Equipped Your Home Heating System with Thermal Imaging Camera

As last winter was extremely cold, your heating bills must be rocketed. However, you are not sure if your heating system was performing well at maximum efficiency. That’s simple, if you equipped your home with the thermal imaging inspection system, any areas of your home are leaking heat will be identified.

The most common issues an infrared home inspection can detect are gaps & drafts. These air leaks are usually found around windows and doors, or even in often overlooked areas such as crawlspaces, attic fans, cooking vents or duct work.  Even power outlets if improperly installed can be poorly insulated and a huge contributor to heat loss. What people often don’t realize is that having just a few vital leaks in your home construction can have the overall effect of leaving a window open all year, and that’s where all your hard earned money is escaping.  Just by using a thermal imaging camera to conduct an infrared home inspection, you can easily spot and distinguish problem ares of where cold air is leaking in and where your heat is leaking out.  Many times these leaks can be plugged by re-caulking molding or adding an additional insulator to the areas (even a piece of cardboard in some cases), which itself is a cheap and easy fix.


Another big issue with home heating in the winter is freezing pipes. Freezing pipes can often lead to a very hard winter if they burst. An infrared home inspection can easily point out pipes or older radiator systems that may be poorly insulated or even leaking. After the areas of concern are pointed out they can be properly addressed, avoiding potentially thousands of dollars in loss and damages to your home structure and personal belongings.

Lastly, we all know hot air rises.  If too much hot air is escaping your home through the attic chances are your ceilings and crawlspaces are not properly insulated.  Conducting an infrared home inspection from the outside can easily point out areas on your roof where your heat (or air conditioning) is escaping, without having to crawl into the attic and get all itchy.